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Hello, I´m Carolina Dorell!

I am a curious, compassionate and enthusiastic being, born in Argentina and settled in Amsterdam since 2015, where I teach pilates, yoga and meditation.

Back in 2008, I started my mindfulness journey. I was studying contemporary dance and the practice of yoga & pilates helped me realize the importance of balancing mind & body and how this fundamental interaction plays a vital role in the way we live. No matter how the outer world can change – and at the same time challenge us – it is key to remind us to stay connected with ourselves.

Through my practices, I find meaning in the constant deepening of my knowledge by searching for new and innovative techniques to help people to live a more healthy and happier life. My mission is to share my knowledge, and I do so by helping others to reconnect with their bodies, finding in the movement and breath the gate to connect with their inner self, and by raising awareness that may improve their wellbeing.

For this, I created Somaexperience, a multidisciplinary approach to bring mind, body and soul in harmony, embracing yoga, meditation & pilates. Somaexperience welcomes all levels of practitioners, I offer private and group classes, at my studio, and other studios in Amsterdam, as well as online classes on my YouTube channel. 

Because of my will to learn & teach, I have studied many disciplines such as pilates, yoga, meditation, dance and art. Having lived and worked in Argentina, Spain and the Netherlands, my career taught me that seeking balance is a way of navigating life through its highs & lows, embracing and accepting every situation as an opportunity to grow.

For me, the body is the door to the conscious field, and breathing is its key. Movement and meditation will enable us to ground the self in the here and now, and discover ourselves while going within.

Does this mindset resonate with you? Check out my classes, hope they serve and inspire you! Join the #SOMAtechnique community and start to flow with us!


Carolina Dorell

My studies & journey:

– BA in Dance Education (2014) – Spain
– Yin Yoga Teacher Training (2019) – The Netherlands
– Pilates mat and equipment, Movimiento Pilates (2010) – Spain
– Pre and postnatal, BASI (2017) – The Netherlands
– Injuries and Pathologies, BASI (2018) – The Netherlands
– Food quality control technician, UADE (2013) – Argentina
– Complements:
– Tibetan bowls – Healing training
Tango dance- Argentina
– Bodywork techniques – Contact Improvisation, Feldenkrais, Alexander
– Dynamic Yoga Level I & II – Spain
– Aerial Yoga – The Netherlands
– +14 years of practicing yoga 

“The change you want starts within.”