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Project Description



The vibrations of sound helps us to be more aware about our body. Different sensations may arise as we encounter the sound vibrations. The observation of them is key to cultivate contemplation and a non-judgmental actitud.

In daily life we tend to be disconnected from our bodies, therefor a first step in to recognize — perhaps for the first time in a long while we ask ourselves — how am I doing?

There are three steps: recognition, integration, and taking action. In body awareness meditation, we learn to become aware of the mind’s tendency to wander between worrying about the past and the future. Through our practise, we learn to reroute those thoughts back to the present moment by reconnecting with your body.

We thus discover that there is an alternative, a space of conscious choice. Instead of focusing on changing problems, we focus on changing our attitude towards them.

We can’t avoid tension or stressful moments, but meditation helps us to relate to challenges with a different point of view. It encourages us to choose to stay centred and balanced, making the best out of the life experience we are going through. This gives us a very liberating and grateful way of approaching life.