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Project Description



In the practice of sound healing, we harness the power of sound of the Tibetan bowls and various instruments to immerse yourself in a symphony of sounds, guiding the body towards a profound relax experience. This harmonious journey enriches your overall body awareness.

Rooted in ancient traditions of chakra balancing, Tibetan bowls emit powerful vibrations that penetrate through layers of body tissue (fascia), facilitating the release of stagnant energy. As you are enveloped in this therapeutic sound, a serene meditative state is effortlessly reached, allowing for deep relaxation and a sense of surrender.

Silence plays a pivotal role in this transformative practice. By embracing moments of quietude, we enhance the brain’s neuroplasticity, strengthening neural connections and fostering mental clarity. This fusion of sound and silence creates an optimal environment for personal growth, ushering in new possibilities and paving the way towards a happier, more balanced, and healthier life.

Sound healing can be done one-on one or in groups.