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Project Description



The goal of Yin yoga is to harmonize the body. In this practice, poses are held for longer periods of time and the outcome of this is a stimulation of the body’s connective tissue, achieving a greater release. The bodily benefits include deep tissue release, decreased muscle tension, lessening of bodily aches and pains, and improvement of postural alignment.

 Through the different poses, we target different areas of stretch that are related to the meridians system, a concept that comes from traditional Chinese medicine, in which emotions and physical health are intimately connected and associated with a particular organ of the body. Yin Yoga works as a sort of meditation in which you can stay mindfully observing the body through the journey that the poses offer. Yin is a quality that applies not only to a tissue or a pose but to the way we approach life. Yin is the perfect alternative to the stress of the modern (Yang) society that we live in.